SunGard/Glassgard Films

We have the pleasure to introduce Glass Gard & Sungard Films for Window Installation which has been proved effective and useful for cars and Office complexes, Banks, Industrial Facilities, Schools and Hospitals. This protects property, people and gives a more comfortable and productive work environment. The films are of US origin and imported from U.S.A. These films have been very successfully tested and installed in several organization and have long warranty.

Solar Control Films

Reduce electricity consumption of air conditioning by heat reduction. Solar Control films reduced property damage caused by Fading. Adds privacy and Enhanced Appeal and Promotes healthy skin.

Some of the features installing Glass Gard films are explained here under:

Films help hold window glass together and in the frame when the glass is broken. These films have better impact resistance. Glassgard converts annealed glass into safety glazing that meets the international standards. Glassgard helps prevent damage to the interior structure and furnishings when wind borne debris shatters windows and allows rain and wind to wreak havoc inside. Glassgard helps in Blast Mitigation. Our films help reduce death, injuries and property damage from Industrial explosions and terrorist bombings. Glassgard films is a cost effective way to protect people from injury and death and property from damage.